The Art of the Christmas Tree                                                           

To celebrate her first Christmas at Lexington Street, Alex Eagle wanted to create something very special and very festive. What could be more festive than a Christmas bauble, or more chic than asking artists to hand paint them? So she turned to three of her favourite London artists and asked them to reimagine the bauble in their own inimitable styles.
A story by Tish Wrigley. Read more >

It Takes Two: Meet the Sisters Behind Beaufille                                    

Directly translated, the name Beaufille means “handsome girl,” with a laid-back approach to French grammatical accord that somehow just works. “It’s a nonsensical French word, bringing two words together, which speaks to the idea of bringing Chloe and I together, as two opposites,” says Parris. Meet the designers, Chloe and Parris Gordon.
A story by Monica Ainley. Read more >

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