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Giuliva Heritage Collection: Timeless Tailoring

Giuliva Heritage Collection: Timeless Tailoring
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The story of Giuliva Heritage Collection begins with a theft.

“I was always stealing Gerardo’s clothes,” confesses Margherita Cardelli. “I love high quality men’s stuff, and I love to wear clothes that have been worn by the men in my life – my father, my grandfather, my husband.”

As her husband is Gerardo Cavaliere, the founder of atelier Sartoria Giuliva, the clothes she was stealing were the very best. And this gave the couple an idea – to create a line of quality, handcrafted pieces for women using the same quality materials and tailored excellence ordinarily reserved for men.

Giuliva Heritage Collection debuted in Paris last year, with a line of six exquisite coats. Each model is made from 100% natural materials and has a signature high slit at the back, adding a definitively Italian sensuality to the cut. Designed in Rome and made in Naples, this national flavour is preserved throughout the process of each piece’s creation.


There is a sumptuous velvet dinner jacket, a double-breasted camel overcoat, a pinstripe double-breasted coat, two wool trenches – one heavy in navy, one light in grey – and a belted robe. Each model is named for a sister, a mother or a grandmother of the couple.

“These aren’t new shapes,” Margherita explains. “They are classics. We wanted to do pieces that our grandmothers would have bought and worn in the 1930s. But what we are doing is new because you can’t find these shapes tailored to this high quality in these materials all under the same name anywhere else in the world.”

At the heart of the brand’s ethos are ideas of timelessness, sustainability and rigorous attention to detail.

“We design pieces that we really believe you can wear forever,” Margherita says. “We won’t suddenly stop making something, everything we do now, we will do always. This is the very opposite of the modern concept of ‘fashion’, it is lifelong style.”

Everything is made in the home of Italian tailoring excellence, Naples.

“We are so pleased to be working in Naples, with these great old tailors, because they need help preserving the skills that are on the edge of disappearing,” says Margherita. “We work with the younger people who have learnt from the traditional masters – we want to show them that there is work, and that this is a career where they can have longevity and security.”

For next season, the collection has grown, comprising of lighter summer coats, linen blazers and safari dresses inspired by Karen Blixen and Out of Africa. The Italian word ‘Giuliva’ doesn’t have a direct translation into English, but its spirit is captured in the creations that bear its name. Sophistication, elegance, mindfulness and authenticity – clothing that leaves a lasting impression.

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