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Agnes Hay x Alex Eagle

Agnes Hay x Alex Eagle

Agnes Hay is celebrated for her experimental art and films in her native Hungary. Her wire drawings are digital photograms, created by projecting light through small figures made of bent wire onto photosensitive paper.

Regarded as subversive during the Communist era, Agnes was the partner of the dissident György Krassó, who came to London in 1985 to escape persecution by the Hungarian authorities. He is now hailed as one of Hungary’s greatest modern patriots.  Agnes now lives in London with their daughter.

Agnes is fairly mysterious in her ways, but she has mentioned Giacometti, Calder and the greek chorus as recent influences, although she has been working in wire for many years before those most recent visits to exhibitions.

Alex Eagle has worked with Robert Eagle Fine Art for a special commission, a collection of jewellery made by the artist. Each handmade piece is a unique one-off sculpture. We are proud to present to present these expressive pieces, which are both individual and elegant.

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