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Acne Paper ‘The Actress’ #15

Acne Paper ‘The Actress’ #15


This is Acne Paper Magazine Issue 15, ‘The Actress’, 2014, featuring Isabelle Huppert as Greta Garbo on the cover. Each issue of Acne Paper was created around one key idea – a timeless theme that in various ways touches all those working in the creative fields regardless of age, cultural background or social status. In an eclectic yet coherent mix of portrait, fashion and art photography as well as interviews, memoirs and prose the editorial narrative aims to unite artistic minds of all generations. It pays tribute to past luminaries whilst still keeping a firm grip on the present, evoking something timeless, something nostalgic yet refreshingly modern. By moving effortlessly between high and popular culture Acne Paper was a glamorous and intelligent magazine celebrating personality, authenticity and style. Acne Paper was bi-annual culture magazine and the publishing arm of the Stockholm-based creative collective and fashion label Acne which stopped being produced in 2014. This magazine measures 28cm x 37cm and is in perfect condition with very light wear.

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